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    Top quality JDM cars hand picked from domestic auctions. Sales to domestic clients and for export.

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    Get a top quality car for a reasonable price shipped anywhere in Japan.

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Why Import?

There are multitudes of reasons why you should import, from price to condition to variety. But the biggest benefit is that with 50,000 vehicles available each day, you get exactly what you want, in the exact condition you want it, to exactly where you want it. What is more, with the current Japanese government pushing to devalue the yen, it is a great time to buy Japanese cars at a great price!

A-ret Cars Advantage

At A-ret cars we strive to find the perfect vehicle for all your Imported Japanese cars and domestic service needs, whether it's a single car for personal needs or vehicle stock for car yards.  Our all inclusive, easy to use service means that buying or importing a car is as simple as ordering and taking delivery of your vehicle, all for a very competitive rate! Learn more about us and our service here!

JDM Cars

Japanese vehicles have a reputation of reliability and efficiency balanced with performance and style, meaning they're some of the most desired vehicles around the world. Japanese used cars are typically in great condition. The condition of used vehicles is attributed to the rigorous driver's licencing process and the exceptional ongoing Japanese service, from the time the client buys the car, to the time they sell it on.
  • Thank you! You went way above and beyond, I can’t thank you enough.

    Sharon Cook – Takagi Mura, Nagano
  • Alex at A-Ret put in a good few hours finding out just what I was after, in the process giving some solid advice on what to avoid. He found me a great car at fully 200,000 yen cheaper than anyone else I found was offering. He clearly had plenty of experience and dealt with my fussing with patience and good humour. I couldn’t recommend the service enough… he even hand delivered it to me!

    Anthony Durrant, Sakata City, Japan
  • RED pajero mini is mine!!
    Thank you to an awesome friend @  – you’re the best!

    Jo L’eWest, Yamanouchi, Japan
  • Great company and remarkable manager with true passion in what he is doing. One can feel that it’s not just about making the money but about true passion, knowledge and skills of dealing with cars. I regret indeed that I came to know this company just before I am leaving Japan… Hope to come back to A-Ret in future. It is an absolute and total delight to deal with them.

    Niko Miah, Nagano, Japan
  • “A-ret Cars is a great company if you are looking for a car.  It was recommended by a mutual friend. I was looking for a car within certain specifications and pricing.  A-ret Cars was able to provide listings that match my criteria and found me several cars to choose from each day. The team at A-ret Cars are amazing.  They are patient and helpful. They walked me through process of searching and purchasing a car. I am confident that A-ret Cars will be able to help any customers with their car needs.”

    Richard Chang, Ibaraki, Japan