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Vehicle Review: Nissan Fuga 450GT


The Nissan Fuga 450GT is a lot of car, for a very reasonable price.

Review – Nissan Fuga 450GT

Recently I have been driving around in a 450GT Fuga. Being highly of the belief that sports cars are the only way to go, I was initially like “so it’s something I can probably ship and sell. Let’s get it over with.” But since I picked it up in Tokyo last week, I have really come to love it. The more I drive it, look at it and listen to it, the more I am loving this machine. With that, I have decided to do my own unbiased, but impressed review on the Nissan Fuga 450GT.

The GY50 Fuga, in production between 2005-2009 – Comfort, power, quality – at an affordable price.

Exterior Styling

First of all, I wanted to start with the general looks of the vehicle. It’s what you notice first on a car. This is one of the first things that has surprised me about the Nissan Fuga. A feature I really liked was the clear, factory tail lamps, which give a very clear, crisp light and individuality from the rest of the luxury sedans. Though these aren’t standard on all Fugas.

A criticism I do have of some of the models, especially in black, is the Fuga looks somewhat jacked up and looks higher than it should be. This may be what initially put me off the styling of the 450GT. However, like the car it’s self, I have come to appreciate the styling more over the period I drove it.

If it were my car, I would opt for a simple body kit like what is available from the factory on some of the Fuga’s. The body kit seems to fill in some areas around the lower skirting which perhaps fails to make an impact otherwise. What is more, it makes the Fuga look lower, more like it really is.




Engine and efficiency

The 450GT has a VK45DD engine – the (slightly) little brother to what is used in the Nissan GT-R and it produces 333 hp (248 kW) and 340 lbf·ft (460 N·m). This boosts the almost 1800kg  Fuga to 100km in about 5.5 seconds. When you put the foot down, it kicks down a gear, before dropping another.. as if to say, ‘you really wanna do this huh?’ And it definitely feels fast, closing the gap between 130 – 190kp/h in a matter of seconds. All round, I have been impressed with the responsive power from the VK45DD.

As for the efficiency with just over half a tank starting in Tokyo, it managed the 250 km to Nagano on about a third of a tank. In addition, it managed another 100 + ks on the remaining quarter. So it looks like 600+ km on an 80-liter tank, with a mix of city and highway driving isn’t unrealistic.

 The Drive

So how does it drive? Very well, it seems. The ride is very comfortable and smooth and even the largest holes in the Japanese infrastructure won’t really phase you, plonked in your large leather recliners. The suspension seems to iron out the bumps in the road nicely, but this is no way means that it is poor in the corners. When things get windy, the Fuga stays flat and smooth around the corners too, meaning that the whole driving experience in the Fuga is a great time.

And because of all the comfort features, long drives are an easy, pleasant experience which leave you as refreshed as you were when you set of on your journey.

The only issue with the drive I have found is that it is a pretty large car and as such, it’s turning circle is quite large. This may not be a problem for you, if you live in a country with wide, spacious roads, but here in Japan, it can be pretty hairy experience on some of the narrow roads and when parking.

Interior and Sounds

This is where paying a little more than you would for a 250 or 350GT Fuga really makes a statement. The Full leather interior is always a nice start and even used models to maintain the nice leather smell.

Comes with all the bells and whistles you need out of a luxury sedan like navigation, backing monitors and cruise control, as well as extra’s that you don’t, but are nice to have anyway such as the passenger side curb camera and all the little control buttons on the steering wheels.

I feature I really liked was the automatic seat setting when you get in and get out. When you turn the car on, it slides you into position and presents you with the control and when you arrive at your destination, it slides you back and gets the steering wheel out of the way, giving you a lot of space to disembark.

My favourite feature is still the front passenger’s recliner style footrest. Not only is it awesomely comfortable, but it is a testament to the space available in the cabin of the Fuga. Even reclined with the footrest up, the backseats have a tonne of room. The tallest of my friends had no complaints about sitting behind the lounging front seat passenger.

The Nissan Fuga makes the right engine sounds, while not being arrogant and in your face about it. It is quiet and calm on the cruise, but when you put your foot down, the right V8 tones emanate subtlety from the engine.

The sound system is great too. Bose sound systems are installed from the factory, so you are guaranteed a great sound from any track.

Inside the Nissan Fuga 450GT really is a pleasant place to be, it is considerably more comfortable than my living room (though that doesn’t mean much).


The price.

Well you can probably pick one up very reasonably, compared to the Fuga’s competitors in the luxury sedan range. With prices starting around a million Japanese yen (Approximaetly 10,000 USD) for a sub 80,000 k’s unit, it means that the 450GT Fuga, comes in a few thousand dollars cheaper than most of the Lexus models.

Nissan Fuga 450GT – Drive or Ditch?

A deal like this on a v8 luxury sedan is hard to come by and the Fuga is arguably the cheapest on the market and for this reason, I would drive this car. This is overwhemingly backed up by the fact that you just get full leather, great seats, a V8 engine and a nice all round style. You just get so much for your money.


– Disclaimer –

I am not a paid vehicle reviewer, this piece, therefore, represents my own opinions and reflection of the vehicles and as such should not be considered professional advice.




By: Alex Laing

Loved cars from a young age thanks to my grandfather's involvement in cars, and drove well before the local laws allowed me to. I'm experienced in just about any process related to Japanese Imports and domestic vehicle use in Japan.

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  1. Shane says:

    i have just purchased a 2005 Nissan Fuga 450GT sedan, and agree, totally, with your summation. Thank you. Because I do not have a manual with this car, and I cannot read Japanese, I am having some difficulty figuring out some things. For example, how to set the digital time display, pair connect Bluetooth/phone, play a DVD, and, what is being said when the two buttons below the steering wheel is depressed, etc.,etc. can you give any insights or suggest a YouTube clip or tw? Thank you. Look forward to your reply.

    • Alex Laing says:

      Hey there Shane, Thanks for your comment. The best advice I can give regarding the clock and other settings, without being there myself to do it is to ask Nissan to take a look at it and write the steps down if they can help you. If that is no good, look for ‘設定’ which means settings and play around in there? Other than that, replacing the unit with an English one is a more expensive option.

      The blue tooth pairing problem is actually something that we were trying to work out with the car too, but our time with it ran out before we had a chance to get it down to Nissan over here to find out. A guide that may help point you in the right direction here on youtube:

      The most simple fix would be buying an English Navi unit though.

    • KERRY says:

      hi there have a look at a 2010 Nissan Altima  it has the instructions in english for the bose stereo just remember controls are opposite  

    • Des says:

      If you have a smart phone there is a app that can help you read the Japanese language

  2. Phil Cowen says:

    I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and agree with all of the above. The only niggle being the lack of english language user manuals or translation for the dash controls.

  3. Wayne Bourke says:

    I agree also I bought the 2006 Fuga V8 it is just stunning inside awesome to drive and you are right not to bad on petrol I have been a Nissan man most of my life and most of my friends can’t believe how much I paid for it here in NZ.

    • Alex Laing says:

      Thanks for commenting, they really are good value for money.

    • John Tate says:

      Hi Wayne, I’m considering selling my 1999 VT Commodore SS and updating to the Fuga 450GT, has it been easy to source the basic service parts ie: Oil, air filters etc? I have had a short drive of a 2008 low k’s model and I am quite impressed. I am also considering the ford falcon g6e turbo and ve commodore ss but the price premium for both is at least $5000 more than the Fuga 450GT. On a value for dollar basis the Fuga is #1 on my list. So any feedback good or otherwise would be much appreciated.

  4. Alex Laing says:

    Due to the lack of support regarding the Navi and blu-tooth pairing, I will look into getting another Fuga and posting an english guide for your reference. Please watch out for that, hopefully not too far in the future. 

    • Puts Putu says:

      Hi Alex I just brought a 2007 Fuga 450 GT Sport here in NZ as well just wondering if you got any English user guides or know where I can obtain one NZ Nissan no help at all

      • Brad Heath says:

        On my android phone I used the google translate app. You take a photo with your phone camera then it will translate the Japanese writing to English.  Managed to sync up my phone with Bluetooth to make phone calls. 

    • Matthew says:

      Hay if u end up doing that please remember my comment I have just got me the 450gt fuga today infact been driving around all day an just have fallen in love with it I’m in new Zealand the only beef I have with it is the dam bluetooth an the factory aux cord that came in the car is a old school ipod doc no good I have android an need my sounds while I drive this awesome ass car

      • Paul Knox says:

        Hi just buy a bluetooth FM transmitter, cheap as like $10.00 NZ, pug into cigarete socket, find a FM station with NO sound, set unit to the same station, and Bob your uncle.

        • Paul Knox says:

          Hi just buy a bluetooth FM transmitter, cheap as like $10.00 NZ, pug into cigarete socket, find a FM station with NO sound, set unit to the same station, and Bobs your uncle. The factory bluetooth is only for cell phone calls, NOT AUDIO.

  5. ray mac donald says:

    I have all the same problems love this car but navi blue tooth and settings a nightmare. recently had an experience where the alarm went of while driving and couldn’t turn it of it eventually reset its self

  6. Mkuyu Pambi says:

    Nissan Fuga automatic 4wd or not!?

  7. Angelica says:

    I have a nissan fuga 350gt and it has the antenna on the bumper how can i stop it from coming up and down?

    • Christian says:

      I also have the same problem….. still trying to work it out

    • malcolm says:

      Will be a little button right under the dash . my E51 Elgrand has one as well , took me two years to find the button , they are set so you can tap it with your foot when you get in and out ,, thus why some times its up and other times its down

  8. Phil says:

    Hi, I am very close to purchasing the 350GT, tomorrow actually. The only issue I have is the amount of Japanese on the dash, are there templates which can be placed over these which are legible for english speakers? Thanks for the information, on the website so far. Cannot wait to get it tomorrow hopefully!!!!

  9. Mike says:

    I highly recommend this vehicle as I am a driver of it myself. It is one of the best and smoothest vehicles I have ever driven. 

  10. AndreiNz says:

    Look for Infinity M45 manual. It is the same car:

  11. Artur says:

    Hi friends I have Nissan Fuga 2005 2,5; have problem with user manual can anybody help me to get it in English and also can’t turn on front cameras on bumper… Please help

  12. malcolm says:

    I have owned a 450gt for just over 1 yr . Best car ever. Fuel usage excellent. Went from Auckland to Te Puna ,  between Tauranga and Kati kati , thru to Whakatane and back to Te puna.Into Tauranga and filled up 611 km, s on trip meter and could still do another 90km before fuel ran
     out. Still haven’t figured out some of the Japanese on dashboard but got  all I need to enjoy the car. 

    • Peter says:

      Hi Malcom

      I agree, its a great car. I own a 2005 Fuga 450GT. Such a comfortable car to drive, power when you need it and not bad on fuel. Mine drives like new and I seem to average just over 600 km to a tank which isn’t too bad.

    • Ray says:

      If you have a smart phone, either IPhone or android, there is an app called translate, basically you run the app, let it focus on the writing and it will give a translation

  13. Maurice says:

    Have a 2012 Fuga Hybrid VIP Just love it.

    Have phone hoked up and can work most of the electronics after downloading infiniti manuals. Have calculated on full tank it could drive Ak to Wn to Ak and then to Hamilton with out refuelling.

  14. Pekelo says:

    I have just purchased a 350 gt fuga and i can`t get the smile off my face,it just throws`s one back in the seat,i could imagine what the 450 gt will do for me. I`am a retied old guy,but a 450GT,hm hm hm! I like the idea!

  15. Brenda says:

    I am driving a 2006 Fuga 450GT  Taupo to Nelson for my son-in-law and have no idea where cruise control is, the steering wheel has stereo controls on the left hand side but there is nothing on the right hand side. A photo he sent me had cruise control on right hand side of wheel

  16. Fifie says:

    Hello, I would like to know the meaning of ETC in a nissan fuga. When this mansion appears what does it mean? Thank you.

  17. Chris Martin says:

    Hi there, I recently purchased the 2005 450 gt v8 fuga here in Nz, absolutely love the car and agree with all the above. I also struggled with the translation of Japanese to English but found the google app translater really helped with Bluetooth settings trip settings etc. I’m having trouble with the push button start on some occasions it just clicks and won’t turn over at all I’ve had the battery tested and it’s fine and on the odd occasion when it does start  it turns over really well?? I’m not sure if it’s starter motor or the cars system security that’s doing it? Anyone else have any similar problems? Appreciate any feed back.

  18. dave says:

    Bought a 450gt Fuga few weeks ago. Love it!
    Thought initially was a bit of a handful on open roads with some bounce of bumpy country backroads , but realised later it was just accelerating so quick up to speed & beyond i was going a bit quicker than realised at time. Read on various stat pages for Fuga 450gts that will do 250km/ph. not sure i’d like to push it this far. But is a very fun car to get up to speed limit effortlessly & to give a squirt to now & again to let others on road know you mean business if need it is a bit of fun.
    Can drink the fuel if have foot in it alot , but if drive chilled most of time it is actually reasonably economical.
    For the (around 10k nzd) price tag get so much for the money & really cant be compared to anything in same price bracket.
    The closest v8 car with reasonable km’s would be well over 20k for probably less features.

    Originally drove a 350gt which considered buying , was a lovely car with plenty of power but sold before i got deal done.
    Actually very stoked now that fell through & found a 450gt which is so much more fun to drive.
    so in short…….. Buy 1! you’ll love it

  19. Dan says:

    I Own a 2006 Nissan FUGA 450 GT in Tauranga NZ , best care Ive ever owned, amazing car, highly recommended on premium gas i find it economical, as the tank is huge you don’t need to fill it up very often, power and handling is amazing on continental MC6 tires, its a real luxury sports car, and extremely reliable, never had a issue ever. great value for money. People look and comment on my car every where i go. The styling grows on you more you drive it more you love it, definitely a unique car, if you done own one your missing out on a chance to own a v8, they are getting rare like hens teeth, don’t hold back, great cars. get one.

  20. steviant says:

    Bad news. The JDM entertainment system in Fugas is one of the worst pieces of shit ever shat out by any Japanese manufacturer ever. There are no 3rd party alternatives and nothing can be replaced or upgraded.

    Digital Clock: You can’t change the time zone of the digital clock from Japan. You can add up to 59mins of offset, but the actual time is set by GPS.

    Bluetooth: The Bluetooth is notoriously bad on this model, it only works with a handful of 2000s vintage Japanese phones, an update was made that improves it, but you’d have to ship your car back to Japan to get it because no dealerships want to touch unofficial imports and noone else has access to the files needed.

    DVD player: The DVD player only plays discs from the Japanese zone, so you probably won’t be able to use it for anything other than DVDs you burn yourself.

    The only fix for any of these problems if you are outside Japan is get a hacked version of the OEM radio from It will cost about half the price of a second hand Fuga GT450 again, but the stereo will be in English and the DVD and Navigation will work.

    Personally, I think that’s a massive rip off. Just get a $5 Bluetooth adaptor and plug it into the rear aux input and be done with it. Get a tablet if you want to watch movies… Bigger, better quality and portable, and you can connect the audio to Bluetooth for better sound.

    Give up on the dash, it would still be 2000s vintage shit even if it was in English.

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