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Spring Exploits in Japan

Shinkansens and Honda robots – But not much driving Japan! (yet)

I apologise that I am not exactly following my adopted (from Jeremy Clarkson of TopGear) motto of driving is the only way to travel, however times are a little grim for me in the motoring department. With only a runner (a small Japanese kei car) to tootle about Japan in at the moment and my dream STI forester still as far away as ever, I’ve decided to take to other forms of transport to see this great nation. I’ve been hitting the trails on my mountain bike and seeing the big smoke in brand new shinkansens. Below are some photo’s I snapped in Nagano city, the left – a shiny new Shinkansen which has just entered service and on the right, a contrast of factory vs spring.








While I was down in Tokyo, I checked out the ‘Mirai Kan.’ This is a museum devoted to exploration and Japanese technological advancements in astrology. . While the museum is more directed at a younger audience, there are some cool features for all ages such as the Honda robot – ASIMO. Well capable of welcoming and informing visitors, bringing drinks and performing complicated tasks he really is pretty cool little guy!

During the rest of golden week I running (limping along) alpine routes in a Mazda Demio, seeing the cherry trees, the receding snow line near the mirror lake and the carp banners – a symbol of children’s day in Japan.Boys-day-carp-bannersKagami-ike-mirror-lake




You can check him out here on the Auto Channel on You-Tube.

Now we have completed a few orders, things are getting more real for us and we’re excited to be working in an industry we love. We’re sending a Honda and some Subarus to new homes in New Zealand and western Japan over the coming weeks!

Coming up in the not too distant future, I promise that this blog will head in a more motoring centered direction and I will be writing about Japanese Motorsport events such as the D1 and all things going to plan, the F1 in Suzuka. So keep your watch on our blog for information on the events and a new, free wall-papers section on our website!


By: Alex Laing

Loved cars from a young age thanks to my grandfather's involvement in cars, and drove well before the local laws allowed me to. I'm experienced in just about any process related to Japanese Imports and domestic vehicle use in Japan.

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