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If you buy a car in Japan it can be a very arduous, expensive and time consuming process, even if you have a good grasp of the Japanese language, but it is also a very beneficial one as there are many wonders of Japan to explore. Let us assist you in purchasing your vehicle in Japan and helping you on your road to your Japan experience.

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Benefits of buying domestic through A-ret Cars include:

Knowledgeable assistance in English

Our agents are experienced with car trading in Japan and the whole process is in English, so its a more comfortable and understandable experience for many expatriates in Japan. If you have any questions our FAQ can’t help with, our agents will be glad to help!

Access to tens of thousands of vehicles

With access to tens of thousands of vehicles everyday, A-ret cars can find you exactly what you need; whether its a specific individual order or an stock order, we can give you multiple options on the models that meet your request.

Customised vehicle orders.

At A-ret cars we have customized ordering systems, for different types of customer. This lets the client be more or less involved in the selection of their cars. As an example, a car dealership might want to save time and leave the process up to us, however, a customer ordering a single vehicle, will be able to choose the exact machine they purchase. With many of or competitors, you are required to settle with the vehicle they select for you, but when it comes to cars, we believe that your car, should be exactly what you want.

Very competitive pricing

If you have a budget for your import, our order system can help you save money on your vehicle purchases. You set the budget, and we do our best to fulfill your order within the budget (Hint: a bigger budget will result in a higher chance of your perfect vehicle being won on your behalf by A-ret cars). Also by combining our shipping service with your vehicle order, the savings are passed onto the consumer.

Vehicle Delivery

Vehicle delivery to your front door in Japan. With agents across Japan, we will have the car delivered to you, ready to sign for and ready to drive, for your convenience.