Automotive rental, trading and export – Japan

Some frequently asked questions related to importing vehicles from Japan. As inquiries take some time to process, you may find a solution faster in the car Export FAQ.

What do I need to do to prepare my order for shipment?

Nothing at all! We will organise all of the shipping documentation. Once the shipment has been ordered, we will send you all of the necessary documents and shipping information. Once the shipment has left Japan, we recommend you contact a customs agency to organise customs clearance.

How long do the cars spend on the ship?

The longest voyages are just over a month long. Depending on the location of loading and unloading, it can take longer or shorter, as ships visit various ports in each country and longer distance voyages obviously take a longer time.

Are the cars at risk of rust damage while at sea?

None. The cars are conditioned before leaving Japan and the short amount of time spent at sea is not nearly long enough to cause rusting problems.

If I wish to select an exact vehicle, how do I go about that?

If it’s a specific vehicle order, we will send you information on available models that we feel meet your request until you the customer approves the purchase.

How do I secure an exact vehicle for order?

This can be done by faxing or emailing the invoice and bank receipt as soon as your payment has been made for the vehicle in question.

How can I get a hold of A-ret cars' bank details?

An invoice with our bank details will be distributed upon confirmation of an order.

What is FOB value?

FOB is the the purchase price of the car, transportation costs, fees, radiation check costs and costs for clearing customs.

What fees are associated with sending money?

There will be a transaction fee from the bank your sending remittance with and also a commission of approximately 30-45USD$ from our Japan based bank. In addition, there are exchange rate fees. We recommend purchursing yen prior to sending, as Japanese banks tend to take larger commission on currency exchange.

When can I take delivery of my vehicle?

Please contact your local clearing agent at the planned port of unloading for notice when the shipment arrives. Note; delayed pick up of a vehicle may result in charges such as storage fees, unless otherwise arranged.

When should I contact a clearing agent?

As soon as you have ordered a car and received the bill of lading and accompanying documents, you should consider getting in touch with a clearing agent so you can start the process of clearing customs.

What documents do I need to take delivery of a vehicle?

You will need to take:

– The Bill of Lading (B/L).

– Your invoice.

– The Export certificate.

– Any other documents required by your local authorities.

I want to take my vehicle home with me. Can you provide shipping?

Without a problem! If you need a car, truck or motorcycle shipped home, we can take care of exporting it from Japan to your next destination!



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