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Japanese Import cars

Synonymous with reliability and quality, the Japanese auto industry is the 3rd largest in the world, behind the USA and China. The level of quality is represented by the enormous scale of the Japanese export industry. Out of the top ten largest automobile companies, 6 are from Japan and all produce world class vehicles for all kinds of transport purposes.

No matter what your purpose, we can help you find the right Japanese import cars. Why not enquire with A-ret cars about a importing from Japan today?

Sports cars


Japanese sports cars typically well built and a lot of fun to drive while remaining relatively economical.

This might have something to do with Japanese sports cars such as the Mitsubishi Evolution or Subaru Impreza being based on their respective WRC title bids while others like the Nissan range is largely derived from the touring car championships in Japan.

Japanese sports cars are hugely popular with the younger demographic due to their comparatively low cost and wide variety of modifications that can be easily applied to the vehicles. This has led to a cult like following and Japanese rear wheel drive vehicles like the Skyline or S15 Silvia have helped nurture the rise of the D1 culture.

Mini-truck-white-Suzuki-carryKei (mini) trucks

Absolute practicality meets efficiency. Simple, lightweight machines with low running costs and easy maintenance make mini-trucks a practical choice on private land. Cheap, easy to load and drive, Kei trucks can often make large trucks or utility vehicles redundant on the farm or factory floor.

Note: In many countries these vehicles are not permitted on public roads.


If space is what you need, models like the Subaru Forester or Honda CR-V make for all round great round trips, with enough room for the family or mates, as well as all the gear you need, these are the among the more cost efficient recreation vehicles available.

Compact Cars660cc-daihatsu-move

If you have been to Japan, you will surely understand the need for Japanese cars to be small and versatile. The narrow roads around the cities make an encounter with oncoming traffic a scary prospect and this may well be why Japanese compact cars have such a good reputation and space efficiency. With various sports compacts like the Suzuki Swift or Honda Civics available, compact cars are not only ‘shopping carts.’ The necessity for small cars in Japan has even lead to 660cc mini (Kei) cars to become hugely popular. If its small and efficient that you need, you can’t go wrong with a Japanese compact car.

Utility vehicles

From the cities to back country stations or ranches, look no further than a Japanese ute. The Toyota Hilux has dominated anything in its path since it began production and has been the best around for just as long. However, in the last few years we have seen another gold standard vehicles emerge Japan in the form of the Mazda BT-50. These vehicles combine safe, comfortable travel almost anywhere with reliability and unrivaled grip in the very deepest of back country farming.

Luxury Cars


Since the late 1980’s Japanese auto manufacturers have been churning out quality luxury cars via their subsidiary companies such as Lexus and Infinti.

Every year the new models are revamped with latest  in design, interior and performance technology.

A Japanese luxury car will deliver you to your destination, in just as much comfort and style as any European vehicle.



With the space and enough seats for the whole family to ride in comfort, its no wonder the mini-van has become so popular over the least 20 years. Initially invented in America, the Japanese auto-manufacturers have developed mini-vans into the ultimate family comfort machines and have become leading producers of mini-vans. Nowadays, mini-vans come packed with technology, DVD screens in the back for the kids and even head-up-display (HUD) in some models for the driver. This all makes for a very comfortable journey and fewer “are we there yets?”

If you have any further questions about any Japanese vehicles, enquire now and our knowledgeable team would be glad to assist you. With such a diverse range of vehicles and options available, The Japanese auto industry has something for everyone.