Automotive rental, trading and export – Japan

Terms and Conditions – Domestic Sales


We, us, our – the agents and members of A-RET

Customer, client – The user of our services, essentially you.

Total cost – a pre agreed monetary amount for our services, fees, the vehicle, shipping and any other costs that are incurred in the transfer of ownership.

1. Payments and order process

On the order registration, the client is required to select an order type.

 Before any order is approved, the customer agrees to pay the total cost of the vehicle in Japanese yen. The customer must sign the payment agreement in order to request a vehicle.

a) Regular order – A vehicle will be purchased on behalf of the client within a predetermined budget. In this case the client is to understand that small details such as, but are not limited to; options, colour, engine and power rating, may differ.

b) Customer approval order – before we receive the vehicle from the supplier, the payment of the entire value of the vehicle must have been made. In this case, the client can approve the exact vehicle before acquisition.

c) Multi-vehicle order – In the case that the client is purchasing multiple vehicles, the client must deposit 25% of the estimated total order cost, prior to the order being processed, the client must complete the payment once all of the vehicles in the order have been acquired by A-ret cars.

2. Intellectual property distribution rights

Upon purchasing a vehicle through us, the customer gives permission for us to use images or details of their vehicle for purposes such as, but not limited to, marketing, promotion, examples.

3. Vehicle delivery

These costs are inclusive of the final price of the vehicle. However in that case that a delivery is impossible to complete in the regular (may be due to, but not limited to weather, address inaccessibility) address

4. Other fees

We are not responsible for bank fees incurred in the payment process, transaction fees are the responsibility of the payment maker. The same conditions apply to currency exchange fees.

5. Shipping/transport liability

We are not responsible for damages incurred during shipping/transport. Such issues should be taken up with shipping/transport company.

The client understands that shipping is liased by us, the costs are included in the cost of the car, unless otherwise arranged.